Autumn Delights: Food and Wine Festivals in Johannesburg


Savor the flavors of the season at these delightful festivals

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Autumn is a season of delightful flavors and festivities in the vibrant city of Johannesburg. Food and wine enthusiasts are in for a treat as the city hosts a plethora of festivals celebrating the best culinary experiences. From delectable dishes to exquisite wines, here is a comprehensive overview of the top food and wine festivals in Johannesburg during Autumn.

1. Wine and Food Festival

Immerse yourself in the world of wine and gastronomy at the Johannesburg Wine and Food Festival. Discover a vast selection of local and international wines, paired perfectly with delectable food offerings. From wine tasting sessions to cooking demonstrations by renowned chefs, this festival offers a delightful experience for wine enthusiasts and foodies alike.


2. Gourmet Food and Wine Show

Explore the finest gourmet delights at the Johannesburg Gourmet Food and Wine Show. This event showcases an array of artisanal cheeses, cured meats, chocolates, and more. With wine experts offering tastings and expert advice on wine pairing, this festival is a paradise for food and wine lovers. Don't miss out on this gastronomic journey - book your spot now.


3. Cheese and Wine Festival

Indulge in a match made in heaven at the Johannesburg Cheese and Wine Festival. This festival brings together an extensive selection of cheeses from around the world, accompanied by perfectly paired wines. From creamy brie to aged cheddar, explore the rich flavors and textures while enjoying live music and entertainment. Book your tickets now for this delightful experience.


4. Braai and Wine Festival

Embrace the South African tradition of braai (barbecue) at the Johannesburg Braai and Wine Festival. Savor grilled meats and traditional dishes expertly prepared by local chefs, paired with a wide range of exceptional wines. Enjoy live music and entertainment while basking in the warm autumn sun. Get your tickets to experience this unique culinary celebration.


5. Chocolate and Wine Pairing

Satiate your sweet tooth at the Johannesburg Chocolate and Wine Pairing event. Indulge in the heavenly combination of premium chocolates and exquisite wines meticulously curated for a harmonious tasting experience. Learn about the art of pairing while enjoying the decadent flavors. Don't miss this opportunity to indulge - book your spot now.


6. Vegan Food and Wine Festival

Celebrate plant-based cuisine at the Johannesburg Vegan Food and Wine Festival. Discover a wide array of vegan delicacies and wines sourced from sustainable producers. From flavorful plant-based dishes to organic wines, this festival showcases the best of vegan gastronomy. Secure your tickets for a guilt-free and delectable experience.


7. Olive and Wine Festival

Experience the Mediterranean flavors at the Johannesburg Olive and Wine Festival. Sample a wide variety of olives and olive oils, perfectly complemented by a selection of wines. From olive tastings to cooking demonstrations, this festival showcases the versatility of olives. Book your tickets now for a flavorful journey.