Weather Overview

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Once you have the weather for Johannesburg, you can organize your visits to ourNature Tourism areas, Activities or Museums. And if you are travelling further afield then don't forget that on this page you can also use the drop down button to find the weather in Nelspruit.

Johannesburg has a wonderful climate - not too hot in summer and yet not too cold in winter! Did you know that despite its relatively dry climate (650 millimeters p.a.), Johannesburg has over ten million trees and it is now the biggest man-made forest in the world! Joburg really is a City of surprises!

Johannesburg enjoys a dry, sunny climate, with the exception of occasional late afternoon downpours in the summer months of October to April. Temperatures in Johannesburg are usually fairly mild thanks to the city's high altitude, with the average maximum daytime temperature in January of 22°C (74°F), dropping to an average maximum of around 8°C (46°F) in June. During the winter, the temperature occasionally drops to below freezing at night time, causing frost. Snow is a very rare occurrence in Johannesburg due to the dry climate, and the annual average rainfall is around 650 millimeters (25.6 Inches), which is mostly concentrated in the summer months.