In Case Of Emergency

Although incidents of crime against tourists happen rarely in South Africa, tourists should still be aware of the basic emergency procedures to follow should anything happen.



  • Go to the nearest safe and public place. Call the Police Emergency number 10111, which is free if made from a public telephone box or landline, and briefly explain what happened.   
  • If you are using a mobile phone, use the Mobile Phone Emergency number 112 and your call will be transferred to the appropriate emergency services. If you have been injured, the call centre will dispatch an ambulance to take you to the nearest hospital. 
  • Alternatively, you can call the National Ambulance Service 10177

Other numbers you can call

  • City of Johannesburg Emergency Connect: 011 37 55 911 - 24-hour emergency services relating to all-life threatening situations, including ambulances, fire engines and metro police. 
  • Ambulance and fire headquarters: 011 472-1599 (non-emergency, office hours only) 
  • St John's Ambulance: 011 403-4227/2346 
  • Johannesburg General Hospital: 011 -488-4911

For more information see their Johannesburg website

Have you been unfairly treated ?

  • Report unfair conduct by a government official: 080011-2040 
  • Report corruption in or out of government: 080060-0933
  • Report unfair conduct by police: (012) 320-0431