The Waterberg

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The Waterberg, in Limpopo Province, is an enchanting, truly South African destination. There are endless reasons as to why you should visit this natural slice of African splendour.

Here are just a few.

  • The Waterberg forms a broad basin, where four main rivers originate. These rivers provide picturesque views and are spectacular for entertaining, at one of the many beautiful lodges.
  • The landscape is majestic - it consists of endless hills, escarpments and bushveld.
  • The region offers a rich biodiversity, with a wide variety of mammals and birds, as well as an ample range of rare plant species.
  • There are few better ways to experience the wildlife that is all around.
  • The Waterberg is sensitive to the environment, where conservation is a priority.
  • There are also many community-based projects, to uplift the people. Needless to say, this region does plenty of good.

There are many sites of interest, which are must-sees when in the region. The following are just a few marvellous spots:

  • The Waterberg Seven Sisters, found at the start of the Waterberg Meander, are a favourite for artists and photographers alike. These magnificent natural formations consist of soaring mountain heights.
  • Geelhoutkop provides a 360 degree view of the surrounding wilderness and countryside.
  • The Limpopo Highlands, which are often referred to as the ‘Waterberg’, house the Palala River, which has a very high quality of water. In addition to this, there is yet another spectacular view.
  • The Moepel Wilderness spans over an area of 28,000 ha on top of the escarpment. The wilderness and nature are all that can be seen, without surrounding roads or infrastructure.

Like all great tourist destinations, the Waterberg offers a plethora of accommodation and activities.

The main attractions include:

  • The various bush lodges, luxurious resorts and spas.
  • Plenty of locations for open game drives and safaris.
  • Amazing cultural villages, coffee shops, and curio shops
  • Horseback rides (and even swimming with horses!)
  • Stargazing
  • Farmstall Visits

This is just a brief summary of all that is on offer. Make sure you pay a visit to this hidden African gem.



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