Sandton City and Mandela Square

Sophistication Supreme

The Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton is a key tourist attraction - see below.

New Business and Shopping Hub

Over the last 15 years, much of Johannesburg's business has moved out  of the city centre towards the Sandton region in the city's northern suburbs. While many banks and industries still maintain their headquarters in the Joburg city centre, the majority of new enterprises,  financial institutions and businesses have established or relocated themselves to the Sandton region, including the JSE Securities Exchange,  Johannesburg's stock exchange.

As a result, it has fast become one of the country's most important financial hubs, and over the years, smaller  businesses, shops, restaurants, conference facilities and accommodation options have followed. Owing to the nature of the area, however, the majority of these cater towards the upper end of the business and tourist markets, with the more budget-friendly options typically found in the neighbouring suburbs.

Sandton City
Staying true to its materialistic stereotype, shopping remains one of the major attractions in the area, and the famous Sandton City sits more or less in the middle of this thriving region, which offers stores and entertainment options to suit most visitors' needs. Attached to Sandton City is also the popular Nelson Mandela Square, which is home to a number of high-end restaurants, a world-class theatre, and a variety of exclusive stores. 

In  recent years, as the Sandton CBD has expanded, so neighbouring suburbs have also developed. Today there are a number of equally appealing suburbs spread throughout the region that offer attractive opportunities for business people and tourists alike, many of which are listed on this website.

The Magic of Nelson Mandela Square
Over the years, Nelson Mandela Square has fast become a world-renowned tourist destination. The ‘Italian piazza-style’ design attracts and intrigues local and international tourists alike. Nelson Mandela Square, formerly known as Sandton Square, is immediately adjacent to Sandton City, a shopper’s paradise. Surrounded by first-class hotels and continental restaurants, the square provides a premier, all-in-one experience. 
On 31 March 2004, Jacob Maponyane and Kobus Hattingh sculpted the first ever public statue of Nelson Mandela, in the square. The bronze statue commemorates this living legend, whilst at the same time reminding us of our diverse rainbow nation. It is no coincidence that the statue was built ten years after South Africa became a democracy. The infamous statue stands at six metres tall, and, according to Wikipedia, weighs a whopping 2.5 tons! 
Wining Dining and Shopping

If you wish for fine wining and dining, entertainment, socialistic, spectacular hotels, or a jam-packed shopping session, pay a visit to this upmarket venue, in the heart of Sandton, Johannesburg’s buzzing business hive.


Sandton City and Mandela Square

A High Density Shopping, Restaurant and Hotel Area!

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