Picnic and Scenic Sites

Please - don't just get in your car and drive around aimlessley - you'll only get frustrated, end up miles away from your camp in the heat of the day, develop major hunger pains, and not see anything to inspire you. A little bit of planning can make your trip so much more enjoyable!


Picnic Sites

Selected Scenic Spots

Pack up a breakfast, cooked or continental, leave as the camp gates open - when its still fresh and cool - and plan about a 3 hour drive to the picnic spot of your choice. Drive slowly and concentrate. Look for the big five, but don't forget that there are unique species of birds, herds of impala and zebra, scurrying jackal and many other animals to be seen - all of which make up the unique experience of the African bushveld. Relax when you get to your picnic spot, cook your own bacon, egg, ham and chips, with a cup of coffee, or whatever, on a gas cooker (available at every picnic spot), and take a break. Then choose a shorter route back to your camp, perhaps past one of our scenic spots, to take a walk around, visit the camp shop (not in bushveld camps), or plan your trip for the afternoon or the next day.

This is the way to enjoy your stay. Now take a look at the picnic spots in the Park and select one near to you for your morning meal, and see if we cover a scenic view site for you to pass on your way back to the camp.