Information On Accessible Travel

We acknowledge that many people require special consideration to ensure that their basic needs of mobility and information in this regard are provided for. The information on this page will be of benefit to the following groups:

  • People in wheelchairs and shop riders
  • People with visual and hearing impairments
  • Senior Citizens: Their balance, agility, and righting reactions are not what they use to be. 
  • People with walking aids such as canes, walking frames etc.

The database of accessible accommodation, restaurants and tourist attractions has been compiled by an occupational therapist with assistance of people with disabilities all over South Africa.

At present the majority of the information is applicable to people with mobility impairments and we will include more information for people with other disabilities as it becomes available.

You are also most welcome to send us recommendations to add to the database or feedback to improve our service.

Accessible Accommodation Every establishment on the website  has been personally evaluated by an Occupational Therapist to ensure that you have the correct and necessary information at hand.  Please note that we do not evaluate or grade the establishments according to a specific standard. We provide the photographs and reliable information to assist you in making an informed decision

Restaurants and Tourist Attractions

The database of restaurants includes shopping centers as well as independent restaurants with reliable accessibility and wheelchair facilities.  The tourist attractions include animal parks and entertainment centers. The South African National Parks are listed under Accommodation.

Tour Operators
There are several independent tour operators who cater for people with disabilities and their families and they offer safaris and adventure tours in South Africa and neighboring countries.

Criteria for Accessibility

Is your business accessible to a person with a disability or special needs? Please consider this opportunity to increase your clientele by adding your accessible business to our database. Please find further information here